3 Apps that will improve your life

Now that you know the truth about technology, it’s time to improve your human-computer interaction experience by incorporating some useful applications. I’ve found three easy-to-use apps to help get you started.


icon175x175Price: Free

Developer: Kevin Holesh

Available for: iOS

Current Rating: 4.5 Stars (60 ratings)


It’s easy to lose track of time watching cute cat videos and drooling over sprinkle-coated rainbow doughnuts on Instagram when virtually every platform is integrating endless scroll and auto-play. Good thing there’s an app that can do the work for you. Moment is specially designed to track the time you spend each day using your iphone and/or ipad. This app is foolproof in its simplicity. It runs in the background so forgetfulness won’t inhibit the tracking progress. Easy-to-read graphs neatly categorize the information collected, such as usage time and the time of day. Yeah, it may drain your battery, but better your battery than your social life!

Additionally, if spending time with the family involves everyone on their phones gathered together in the same room, Moment has you covered. It’s family tracking feature allows you to monitor the activity of the entire household. This app even allows you to set a timer for device-free activities (such as family dinners) that a causes an alert to sound if anyone picks up the device. Best of all, it’s a completely free investment to help keep you “in the moment”.



Sleep Cycle

sleep_cycle_ios_iconPrice: Free

Developer: Northcube AB

Available for: iOS and Android

Current Rating: 4.5 Stars (1,484 ratings)


Tired of waking up tired, even after going to bed early? Although you may be sleeping for a significant duration, it may actually be the quality of your sleep that’s lacking. Sleep Cycle is an app that uses the microphone or accelerometer in your phone to track the different phases of sleep throughout the night. With the detailed graphs and in-depth statistical analysis, you can easily track the patterns of your sleep quality. This will allow you to pinpoint any factors that may be influencing your sleep cycle (such as caffeine intake or eating habits) so you can make the necessary adjustments for a significant improvement.

Sleep Cycle also doubles as an “intelligent alarm clock”. When your lightest sleep phase is reached, the app can recognize this and an alarm will sound. Using this app consistently to track your sleeping habits can lead to a greater level of productivity and focus since it can help you to attain a much higher energy level throughout the day!




 icon175x175Price: Free

Developer: TED Conferences

Available for: iOS and Android

Current Rating: 3.5 Stars (5,470 ratings)


The ease of streaming videos on our devices pretty much anytime and anywhere we want has caused our attention to be focused on this source of entertainment. Since we’re definitely not going to give up this luxury anytime soon, we may as well maximize the  potential benefits of providing not only entertainment, but education as well. TED Talks aim to stimulate ideas and provide a whole library of knowledge that you won’t find binge watching three seasons of your favorite shows.

The TED community includes people from all types of background who discuss concise but powerful ideas of just about anything you can think of or haven’t even imagined! This app allows you to take these talks on the cgo to watch whenever you please. So next time you’re taking your lunch break, instead of turning to Candy Crush to drown out your boredom, try listening to a TED Talk and stimulate your mind. You won’t be disappointed!


Well you made it this far, so why procrastinate another second? You’re device is already in front of you and these three free life-changing apps are only a few clicks away. Have fun exploring!